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Medical Travel Insurance cover

all types of medical conditions


If there is a medical emergency (e.g. you are hospitalised or have to return home early for medical reasons) you MUST contact Travel Claim facilities 24-hour emergency service on +44 (0) 203 829 6684. They have medically-trained multi-lingual staff that will contact the hospital and discuss your condition with them.

Even if you are not hospitalised, but wish to come home early for medical reasons you must contact Travel Claim Facilities before doing so. Similarly, if you think your claim is likely to exceed 500, please call them on +44 (0) 203 829 6683.

NON Emergency Medical Claims

Please make a claim on your return

  • obtain a medical certificate from the local medical practitioner who treated you abroad
  • please keep receipts and account for all expenses incurred

NEW - Claim for Cancellation ONLINE

If you need to make a cancellation claim, please visit: https://autoclaims.tifgroup.co.uk

For all other claims (ie Medical or Baggage), please use our standard procedures by completing and sending the appropriate claims form.

Where to obtain a claim form

We have appointed Travel Claims Facilities to look after your claim. If you require a claim form, please obtain a form from http://www.policyholderclaims.co.uk 

or contact the claims department by:

Email: claims@tif-plc.co.uk 

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